Application Development

Transforms business requirement into computerized solution

We succeed through our people. KWTF provides our clients with genuine solutions that are based on the adoption of the latest technology for business advantages, protected investment and reduced running costs. Our diversified skill sets are the key to our success that ensure effective delivery of our services.

Integrating the talents and resources of Hong Kong and the Mainland China,  application development services offered by KWTF are tailored to best fit the environment and culture of individual client to provide cost-effective solutions. Our intensive background in software development and project management by long time veterans of excellent organizational, process, technology and people skills committed to the success of our clients brought us expertise in offering the following services:

  • Project management
  • Requirement study
  • System design and development
  • System implementation
  • IT Consulting

Our scope of work includes

Feasibility Study

Aims to evaluate the technical, economic and organizational feasibility of proposed computerization projects.

Strategy Review

Aims to identify alternatives and to determine strategy of a computerization initiative.

Information Infrastructure Review

Aims to improve the capability of the existing information infrastructure to cater for existing and future needs.

Software Development Process Improvement

Aims to improve quality of application software that is developed internally by our clients.

Operation Continuity Planning

Aims to develop a realistic continuity plan of computer operation to ensure the continuity of critical business functions.