Virtual Team

Customer centric engagement approach

KWTF pioneers the innovative outsourcing model of Virtual Team Arrangement. The objective of the service is to free in-house IT departments from unnecessary engineering works. We fill in the gaps where it is not cost-effective to occupy the scarce in-house resources. IT departments would be able to focus on business issues, making itself an in-house IT consultant to better utilize IT to improve business performance.

Our mission is to build a Virtual Team of programmers for clients in our Resources Center in PRC to become an integral part of the clients’ IT department. Simply by prescribing the size and skill-set of the programming team,  our clients get their programming jobs done, without the need to manage. KWTF takes care of day-to-day administration and also enforces on behalf of our clients their internal procedures, company standards and quality control.

Resources on Demand

KWTF offers “Resources On Demand” arrangement by maintaining a central pool of programmers for short team secondment. By using this pool of programmers, clients can plan the size of its development team to a minimum, and draw central resources to meet the workload demand at peak and unplanned resources requirements.

Today, the key to the success in system development projects is the effective utilization of limited resources. By sub-contracting programming works to a third party in project basis, clients only acquire resources on demand without the commitment to maintaining a permanent team of junior programming staffs. Resources are utilized more effectively and efficiently.